The Team

Our primary goal is to deliver on all initial promises to the community. In a market of uncertainty, and rapid learning there are a plethora of ideas our team continues to outline and explore. As the currently outlined business model is validated and we get an understanding of predictable monthly revenue we are excited to explore the more "traditional" Move2Earn opportunities. Liquidity is a key component to the longevity of any project and it is our commitment to ensure the value of the project sustains indefinitely. 

We are excited to develop brand partnerships and endorsement deals, work out relationships with trainers and coaches around the world to connect our community too, partner with races and organizations on hosting events, and so much more.

"Bonk Master"

Joe loves getting after it. From century rides, to planning the 100 Mile bucket list Ultra, to building a successful destination marketing company he is there for the journey. 

OnBlock Mike
"The Marketer"

Mike is a brand strategist and business development expert. He loves surfing and really all things outdoors.

"The Tech Guy"

Dan is making sure all zeros and ones are in the right places! When he isn't rowing, fishing, or hanging with the fam he is crushing is as a software engineer/team lead in projects around the world.

Tri Bonker
"The Details Guy"

Olympic Tri is Serge's sweet spot, as long as it's not in Florida heat. In that case, sign him up for a Sprint. He has built and sold franchises and loves the NFT space.

"The Artist"

Director, Actor, and amazing digital animation artist Dwight is keeping things fresh in the art department.