How To Get Started in NFTs


We are excited for you to get your first NFT. BUT! We are even MORE EXCITED that you are checking out Bonkers Club.🎉

To keep this as simple as possible here is a step by step “How To” guide on what wallets to get set up, how to properly fund them, and get set up to participate in the minting process.


Download Coinbase Wallet- CLICK HERE

    -Once you are on the page, click on “Download Coinbase Wallet” this will open your app store screen on what ever device you are using.


Seed Phrase- DO NOT LOOSE THIS!!!

These 12 words, in the correct order, are both your login and password. Store them somewhere safe and NEVER SHARE THEM


Fund your wallet

If you starting from zero, you will need to set up an account to purchase Ethereum. Coinbase will be the easiest. It is supported in many countries, but double check yours to be safe. 

Here is a link- we both get $10 when you sign up so that is cool:

Once you sign up for your account and connect your banking info you can make your first purchase. You want to do this a few weeks ahead of time because while you can make purchases you need to wait 5-10 days for the transaction to clear in order to move the Ethereum (or any coin) to your Coinbase wallet. 

If you are already dabbling in crypto you will need to move some ETH into your new Coinbase Wallet.

To move your ETH to your wallet:

Open your Coinbase Wallet and Click RECEIVE

-Copy the address beneath the QR code

Open your Coinbase App (Or where ever your ETH is) Click SEND

-Paste the address into the Recipient field, then send


Convert your Ethereum (ETH) in Wrapped Ethereum (WETH)

-Click on the Ehereum in your Coinbase Wallet

-Click on the “More” option

-Click Convert Ethereum

-Click “Choose Coin”

-Select WETH and enter the amount to convert

Ok, now your are all set and ready to mint your first NFT!



Step 1: Go to the website link provided from the collection you are minting. 

Step 2: Click “Connect Wallet”

Step 3: Click Purchase


Just Released! 

Bonkers Club NFT Minting In May!

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