Swim, Bike, or Run into NFTs!


As an amature athlete, why are the ONLY rewards and incentives we qualify for an irrelevant digital badge or a random coupon code discount off our next order for a product we don’t even want? 

I don’t know about you, but I am a reasonably disciplined person with a decent support circle of athletic friends. That said, I am far from immune to staying motivated on fatigue days, or making excuses after a terrible nights sleep. 

Then when it comes to a race there is the top 10-20% who are “In it to win it,” but there are MILLIONS of us out there who aren’t aspiring to make the podium, we just sign up for stuff to give ourselves a carrot to have that additional element of accountability. 

Can you relate? 

New gear would be awesome, but is it justifiable to invest in upgraded wheels, components, wetsuits, or even a new bike to cut a few minutes off a race time that still puts us in the middle of the pack?

Gear upgrades would be great, but personally I would LOVE to go on some all inclusive active adventures like Trek Travel and GoRunning. 

🤗Wouldn’t it be amazing to go on a multi day running, cycling, or even swimming vacation somewhere incredible? The reality is for most people, even semi-pro/pro athletes, finances or a conversation with a significant other isn’t always that easy. 

“Hi honey, do you mind if I spend $2-$5k on a run/bike/swim holiday and disappear for 3-7 days?”

Instead, what if that conversation was, “Honey, I just won a 4 day cycle trip to Blue Ridge since I hit all my fitness goals last month!

Different conversation right?

With all that taken into consideration, what if YOU had an opportunity to participate in an accountability group, make new friends around the world, along with having the chance to win/earn rewards like trips, bikes, shoes, and gear for your activity?🏊🚲🏃‍♀️

Well, if you are still reading, and are saying to yourself “Yeah, that would all be awesome!” Sounds like it is time you check out Bonkers Club!

Bonkers Club is launching an NFT collection May 24th that incorporates all this and more. 

Now before you say “Sounds cool, but I don’t get NFTs,” let me explain why an NFT. 

NFTs can be used for many things, and Bonkers Club is utilizing the technology as a membership tool to develop a connected community and fund ongoing rewards. 

The Bonkers Club NFT is basically your membership card. 

“Why can’t I just buy a membership card, why do I need an NFT?”

By leveraging the NFT/Web3 space there are additional revenue streams available that are not as easy to replicate in traditional member programs. 

For instance, if you own a Bonkers Club NFT and let’s say you have some life changes and no longer want to be engaged in the community, you have the ability to sell (potentially for MORE than you initially paid🤑) your NFT on the open market. 

If you want to cancel any traditional membership there is NO RESALE value, they are just hoping you renew and if you don’t they are already marketing to the next person. 

Bonkers Club is limited to only 10,000 members, however ALL athletes are welcome to participate in Bonkers Club accountability groups. There will be some rewards for the community as a whole, but the most valuable, and largest earning/rewards potential is reserved for NFT holders. 

Post the May 24th mint date (Minting is the term for making the collection available for initial purchase) there is OVER $1 million in rewards and incentives allocated to announce over the first 18 months. On top of this 5% of all revenue is allocated to support causes which Bonkers athletes are raising funds. 

To kick off the rewards, once minting commences, here is a snapshot of rewards to be released over the 1st two months:

  • 🚴$10,000+ Bikes
  • 🏊‍♀️Top of the line Wetsuits
  • 👟Top of the line 2022 New Shoes
  • 🚴‍♂️$2k-$3k Bikes
  • 🗻Epic Trips like Trek Travel, and Go Running Tours

In addition to giveaways, Bonkers Club is finalizing integration with Strava and Garmin for tracking athlete performance, along with hosting Zwift races with financial rewards! 

How do you get involved? 

  • Step 1: Join our chats and accountability room in Discord- Click HERE
  • Step 2: Get set up to mint on launch day (Click here for How To Guide)
  • Step 3: Fill out your athlete profile so we know what sports you are most into (after you mint)
  • Step 4: Go get active! 

The thing that personally excites me, Joe, the most are the friendships and travel opportunities. Winning trips to different parts of the world to bike, run, or swim sounds absolutely incredible. But! The opportunity to build relationships with cool active people so I can always know about the best route or coffee shop is amazing. In just 2 weeks since we have launched marketing I have been building relationships with multiple people around the globe. I couldn’t be more excited for the chance to know people wherever I travel or to have a REAL LIFE active adventure with these people.  

Included in the community ALREADY are multiple Iron Athletes, Ultra Endurance Triathletes, and World Record setting runners! 

Over the long haul we envision this as an interactive community who, on top of motivating each other and receiving rewards, gets to vote on causes to support, races to participate in (or possibly host), choose destinations to visit, and attract noteworthy athletes who enhance the value of being apart of the project. 

It is our mission to do everything in our power to make sure this is an empowering and rewarding community for all those who choose to invest their time and money into participating and owning an NFT. 

If this sounds interesting and you want to learn more here are some way to do so:


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